This is my home
Please be kind
It's the only thing
That brings me peace of mind

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  • "Keeping religion within the scope of the state authority undermined, rather than strengthened, political stability"
     -Stephen D. Krasner on the political decisions following Westphalia

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by S. A. (amateurdepression user on tumblr)

Nathan Antolik

    this time falling is a little different. if i lose my footing theres nothing to grab on to on the way down.

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The Great Wave off Kanto - Created by Missy Pena 
Based on the famous woodblock print The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai. You can get this design as a print at the Artist’s Shop or Redbubble.

    There is nothing more attractive then a student of thought.

    When she looks into the world with the beauty behind her eyes. She knows how things came to be, the government, the legions, the ideologies. She speaks with works of art referencing authors, poets, and saints. Her passion is the past but the present is a work of art. To her time has been so beautiful. To waste a moment is to die a death so lonesome and shameful that it must never occur. Her memories are not her own. They are of the kings and queens of lands far since lost. Of travelers finding newness in land, in sky, and in soul. She will never make millions. She will never be the fame. And in her heart she does not long for such frivolous life. She will find love for she knows its inside her. That girl of time is endless because to her there is no limit. 

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Mini-Skull Print Shirt by Alexander McQueen
Liza Feurtado
"Honey Girl"
Acrylic on canvas.